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June 2022

Computing And Software, McMaster University MEng. domestic applicant. math undergrad at mac. applied end of march, prospective profs reached out June 8-9, interviewed June 13-14, received an offer letter earlier today

Added on June 21, 2022

Accepted on 21 Jun Fall 2022 Other GPA 3.70 Masters

May 2022

Master Of Teaching, University Of Toronto Been waiting a while, and finally got the offer! Unironcially got rejected from UofT Math Grad, but got an offer to York Math Grad, but got rejected from York BEd. All in all worked out, and the patience finally pays out!

Added on May 10, 2022

Accepted on 10 May Fall 2022 Other GPA 3.10 Masters
Economics, Simon Fraser University Non-econ undergrad with a reasonable math background. I was aiming to get into the qualifying program but oh well...

Added on May 01, 2022

Rejected on 29 Apr Fall 2022 International GRE 169 GRE V 165 GRE AW 4.50 GPA 3.50 Masters

April 2022

Computer Science, University Of Chicago 1 year work experience, no research experience, undergrad in math

Added on April 24, 2022

Accepted on 23 Apr Fall 2022 International GRE 169 GRE V 165 GRE AW 5.00 GPA 3.40 Masters
Statistics, Toronto Undergrad in math from a top US public school. Did not submit GRE. Was notified by email. Was not offered any financial support so will decline in favor of full funding offer elsewhere. Good luck to everyone on the waiting list!

Added on April 15, 2022

Accepted on 15 Apr Fall 2022 American GPA 3.85 Masters
Computer Science, Cornell Tech $20k merit scholarship. Math-econ undergrad. Still unsure if I'm going to enroll since the courses don't align perfectly and they keep dropping more courses I want to take each year. 5 years of experience as a largely self-taught software engineer, currently earning >$400k

Added on April 14, 2022

Accepted on 22 Mar Fall 2022 American GRE 168 GRE V 168 GRE AW 5.00 GPA 3.33 Masters
Mathematics, University Of Pennsylvania To the post below. I think UPenn put a ton of people on their waiting list this year, and the chances of being accepted off the list are slim. I don't mean to discourage you or question your credentials. I myself am on the list as well and I can totally feel you. But based on what I saw on gradcafe and mathGRE forum, there are already 5 or 6 people who reported being waitlisted by UPenn and there are definitely many more waitlisters out there who didn't bother to report their status. That number is unusually high considering how small of an intake that UPenn's math department has (around 10 students each year) and historical matriculation rate (~50%). Of course, if you have other internal information from the department about your individual case, then just disregard what I said.

Added on April 12, 2022

Wait listed Fall 2022 Other PhD
Mathematics, University Of Pennsylvania If you choose not to attend math grad program at Penn, could you please decline the offer ASAP? This will help the people on the waitlist, including me. I would be grateful for this in the rest of my life. Thanks.

Added on April 12, 2022

Wait listed Fall 2022 International PhD
Biostatistics, McGill University International student undergrad at UofT majors in Math & Stats. Emailed them to ask about my application status and they replied to me with an offer lol.

Added on April 09, 2022

Accepted on 8 Apr Fall 2022 Other GPA 3.76 Masters
Computer Science, Georgia Institute Of Technology graduated from one of the top NITs, been working at NVIDIA contributing to open-source ML/Math libraries on GPUs for 20 months, 2 publications

Added on April 01, 2022

Accepted on 1 Apr Fall 2022 International GPA 9.19 Masters
Economics, Syracuse University I came from a low level public university, got accepted with McNair fellowship, Majored in Econ, Minored in Math, real analysis is i

Added on April 01, 2022

Accepted on 2 Feb Fall 2021 American GRE 161 GRE V 159 GRE AW 4.50 GPA 3.92 PhD

March 2022

Economics, University Of Washington I am the latter March 10th waitlist post. I received another email from the graduate director saying that they will give me an offer if I am still available. I responded saying I am no longer interested. Best of luck to those on the waitlist! Research experience consists of thesis and research assistantship; Real Analysis I (A), Matrix Theory (A), Math Stats I & II (A,A), and various undergraduate and graduate coursework in economics all A's; did not submit GRE.

Added on March 31, 2022

Accepted on 30 Mar Fall 2022 American GPA 4.00 PhD
Computer Science, University Of California, San Diego Switching to cs. Has an undergrad degree in math.

Added on March 30, 2022

Rejected on 30 Mar Fall 2022 International GRE 170 GRE V 170 GRE AW 5.00 GPA 3.91 Masters
Physics, University Of California, San Diego I applied to more than 20 schools. Only 3 remained undeclared; others all rejected me. Hep-th, very tough year. I am not sure what these schools want the applicants of Hepth to be. I have consulted around 5 professors in hepth, especially in string theory, about graduate application preparation. One of them told me to take challenging courses and get good grades, but research is unnecessary. Another one told me to find any possible research to do. Most professors I consulted just told me to learn GR and QFT, and undergraduate research in theoretical high energy is not generally possible. They also suggested me to expand my field of interest, because the positions for string theory are always limited. I have taken graduate math courses including algebraic topology and differentiable manifold to prepare for the research because I saw many papers use them. However, one professor I consulted told me a little differential geometry is enough for the sub-direction of string theory he is doing. It seems the preparation really depends on the specific sub-direction, but the competition for such a limited position is too fierce. I will also apply to some master of math or physics programs. Whatever, good luck to everyone.

Added on March 29, 2022

Rejected on 29 Mar Fall 2022 International GPA 3.72 PhD
Education, University Of California, San Diego single subject in math, double major in related subjects for undergrad, actually got the email notification when I was playing elden ring at 12:21 AM

Added on March 26, 2022

Accepted on 25 Mar Fall 2022 American GPA 3.44 Masters
Math, University Of Manitoba

Added on March 25, 2022

Accepted on 25 Mar Fall 2022 International PhD
Statistics, University Of British Columbia Notified by email. Offered full funding in the form of TA + RA. Majored in Math in one of the best CS and Engineering schools on the in the US. Over 1 year of relevant experience. Did not submit GRE. Have 2 weeks to decide.

Added on March 25, 2022

Accepted on 25 Mar Fall 2022 American Masters
Public Policy, Harvard University Congrats to those admitted! Math/Econ double major. 3 yrs as a military officer with a tour abroad. Took the GRE twice and these are my best scores from both tests.

Added on March 24, 2022

Accepted on 24 Mar Fall 2022 American GRE 170 GRE V 165 GRE AW 5.00 GPA 3.85 Masters
Physics, University Of New Mexico Was interviewed last month, 3.8 GPA in math & physics classes. 1 summer REU. I will most likely decline because I have a better offer

Added on March 23, 2022

Accepted on 23 Mar Fall 2022 American GPA 3.50 PhD
Computer Science, Rice University Switching fields to cs. Have a BS in biochem and a BS in math. Doing MA in chem right now.

Added on March 23, 2022

Rejected on 23 Mar Fall 2022 International GRE 170 GRE V 170 GRE AW 5.00 GPA 3.91 Masters

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