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Columbia UniversityComputer Science, Masters (F20)Other via Other on 7 Aug 2020 7 Aug 2020
  • TTPB: release all results in September is weird, especially they did admit one person on July 30th. I believe most of us will definitely move on to another school in late August since orientation, class registration, and paying tuition all start at that time. Asking for transferring isn't the worst, asking for a refund from ur current master program is gonna be a lot of work...
Imperial College LondonComputer Science, Masters (F20)Wait listed via E-mail on 7 Aug 2020 I7 Aug 2020
  • Wait Listed. If anyone holds an offer but not planning to attend the course please let them know.
Columbia UniversityComputer Science, Masters (F20)Wait listed via Other on 7 Aug 2020 O6 Aug 2020
  • Too exhausted. I need to decide whether should I go to another school that starts before September. I even do not know that If I select to another university, can I transfer to Columbia Univesity as the admission from wait list? By the way, thanks the information from below.
Columbia UniversityComputer Science, Masters (F20)Wait listed via Other on 6 Aug 2020 I6 Aug 2020
  • TTPB: Please could you copy and paste the content of the actual official mail that you got as a reply from Columbia University. I too have been waitlisted and the wait is really killing me now :(
Columbia UniversityComputer Science, Masters (F20)Wait listed via Other on 6 Aug 2020 6 Aug 2020
  • I emailed them and got replies that if there are any admitted students rejected the offer, their seats will be available, and but those available seats will come out together in September, WTF.
Columbia UniversityComputer Science, Masters (F20)Other via POST on 6 Aug 2020 A6 Aug 2020
  • THIS IS SO FUC*ED..... WTF IS GOING ON, I NEED THE GODDAMN DECISION. Reject me if you will but damn it give me closure... semester starts real soon.
University Of Southern CaliforniaComputer Science, Masters (F20)Accepted via E-mail on 10 Feb 2020 U6 Aug 2020
  • Has anyone who deferred their enrollment to Spring 2021 received their formal notification of the decision by email (for Spring 2021)? I was accepted into the Summer 2020 program, but I chose the option to defer to Spring 2021. I submitted my term update request in which USC replied, "your decision for Spring 2021, which will remain the same as for Summer 2020, will be issued by July 17th." I have not received this email. I tried emailing them on July 24th, but I haven't heard anything back. Is anyone in the same situation?
University Of California, DavisComputer Science, Masters (F20)Rejected via E-mail on 11 Jun 2020 Undergrad GPA: 3.93
GRE General (V/Q/W): 153/165/3.50
GRE Subject: n/a
5 Aug 2020
Columbia UniversityComputer Science, Masters (F20)Other via POST on 3 Aug 2020 O3 Aug 2020
  • TTPB: I know its a lot of wait!!! I hope we get positive outcome soon! The poster below did provide comprehensive info If that is the case then there is some hope!
Columbia UniversityComputer Science, Masters (F20)Other via POST on 2 Aug 2020 O2 Aug 2020
  • TTPB: Thank you for such a comprehensive information... I guess chances are there but slim as students have to inform them that they do not want to enroll in fall or spring... So I guess in best case there might be 5-10 admits... Not more than that... Btw congrats on amazing admits... Yeah Columbia is my dream school too... Hope I get in...
Columbia UniversityComputer Science, Masters (F20)Accepted via POST on 10 Apr 2020 I1 Aug 2020
  • TTPB asking about the acceptance rate. This year they had an acceptance rate of ~14% (I was on the admitted student webinar and they informed this thing to us on the webinar; there were many questions asked on this) probably because of Covid I presume (they might have had even lower acceptance rate before I guess). They are very selective and being an IVY league they tend to reject many deserving applications (many people on gradcafe have highlighted this thing over and over again; I agree with this), I have friends who deserved admission but were rejected. Moreover, it is difficult to predict chances of admission to top 20 unis even if you have a solid profile. For instance, I have a Granted Patent as the first inventor, Publication in Q1 IEEE journal (IEEE Access; First and only author), Published over 8 papers in springer (all as first author), produced my own security protocols which received the status of Granted Software Copyrights, Did research internship in DRDO (Indian Defence) and was an external reviewer for IEEE Access. I had a GPA of 8.97 from top Indian Private Institute, had strong recommendation letters (all highlighting my research capabilities), and solid background in security. I applied to 7 unis and was accepted to CMU, UCLA, NYU, USC, Columbia for computer science and got rejected from JHU, UofC. Although, the programs I was accepted to are better than JHU and UofC, my point is that no one can predict there chances of admission to top unis. It is very likely that you get rejected from your safe choice and accepted to your dream school. I will be attending Columbia over all the other offers as Columbia is my dream school. For others waiting, I know few people who are on the same boat, I guess they will announce something very soon. I am very pissed as of why they have not yet released the results. I am waiting for my best friend to get accepted so that we can go together, that's the reason I kind of check the gradcafe website everyday. I feel they are waiting for students to update the university if they cannot make it to Columbia in fall or spring so that they can release the results. In there recent email to the admitted students they had this in the email: "If you are no longer planning to enroll at Columbia in either Fall or Spring, please let me know right away." I hope this gives you some clarity! Because I feel there is still some hope! All the best to others who are waiting!
Columbia UniversityComputer Science, Masters (F20)Other via E-mail on 31 Jul 2020 O31 Jul 2020
  • TTPB: To the person who got an admit on 30th July 2020, were you on the waitlist or directly got admitted? Also, what deadline has Columbia University given you to respond to the offer?
Columbia UniversityComputer Science, Masters (F20)Other via Other on 31 Jul 2020 O30 Jul 2020
  • TTPB: going to graduate from Brown ScM MSCS next year, I will say either JHU or Brown will be a better choice than Columbia. I received offer from Columbia CS last year but chose Brown in the end and not regret. Although I'm not in ECE, generally speaking I think since most of programs in Brown have a smaller class, with top tiers professors and will definitely have a higher quality. My friend in Columbia told me their career fair was awful as well, but the good thing is its located at NYC, so really depends what are you looking for. Hope this helps.
Columbia UniversityComputer Science, Masters (F20)Other via Other on 30 Jul 2020 O30 Jul 2020
  • TTPB: I am an alumnus of Johns Hopkins CS and now I am in Columbia Univ. To answer your first question, I would choose JHU MS in Data Science over Brown. There are several reasons. JHU's NLP and ML are very strong. Taking the core classes of the DS program will definitely be great. In addition, it is offered by the Department of Applied Mathematics & Statistics which is well ranked. Columbia's MS in CS program will give you the freedom to select courses, not only from CS but other departments like Statistics, EE, IEOR, Applied Physics & Mathematics. Columbia CS program's strength lies in systems, security, and ML. Columbia also has a dedicated Data Science institute closely affiliated with CS, if that is what you are interested in. Ultimately, you need to decide based on what you want out of the program. Either way is good. I must say Columbia's CS is very selective; acceptance rate is less than 10%. And you get to have proximity to the industry.
Columbia UniversityComputer Science, Masters (F20)Accepted via E-mail on 30 Jul 2020 A30 Jul 2020
  • Need advice asap, would you pick Johns Hopkins [MS in Data Science] (1) over Brown University (2) [MS in ECE]? Would you pick 1 or 2 over Columbia Uni [MS in CS]? I am so confused, I need to make a decision to have peace of mind and to free spots for people that are waitlisted. Good luck for everyone with all the mind torture Columbia admissions is causing.
Columbia UniversityComputer Science, Masters (F20)Other via Other on 30 Jul 2020 A30 Jul 2020
  • I checked the admission data of previous years 1. have never seen any waitlisted after June, 2. haven't found any waitlisted candidate been accepted later. My BF got waitlist two weeks ago as well, I have persuaded him to take another offer, its simply not wise to wait longer.
Columbia UniversityComputer Science, Masters (F20)Other via Other on 30 Jul 2020 O30 Jul 2020
  • TTPB: When and where did you receive the Waitlist Letter? I received the waitlist email and an invitation for an interview. Also, the date for the result declaration wasn't mentioned in the email. Does this mean I am not on the waitlist? Is anybody in the same boat as me?
Columbia UniversityComputer Science, Masters (F20)Other via Other on 30 Jul 2020 Undergrad GPA: 3.85
GRE General (V/Q/W): 150/156/3.00
GRE Subject: n/a
A30 Jul 2020
  • I applied for CVN.... the semester literally starts in a month.... this is getting gruesomely difficult to be patient.
Columbia UniversityComputer Science, Masters (F20)Other via Other on 29 Jul 2020 O29 Jul 2020
  • I feel like you should either get a rejection letter or a waitlist video interview. Does anyone get any follow up info about the waitlist after the interview? No one got admission in the past two weeks since we did our interviews so I am doubting if there is even a chance for us anymore.
Columbia UniversityComputer Science, Masters (F20)Other via POST on 29 Jul 2020 I29 Jul 2020
  • Does anyone know the acceptance rate of masters in computer science acceptance rate?! I'm currently waitlisted trying to get figures before I get my hopes high
Columbia UniversityComputer Science, Masters (F20)Other via POST on 29 Jul 2020 Undergrad GPA: 3.70
GRE General (V/Q/W): 149/162/3.50
GRE Subject: n/a
I29 Jul 2020
  • Has there been any update from there side? I did not recieve my rejection letter nor waitlist email. Am I the only one or are there people on the same boat as me?
Technical University Of Eindhoven (TU/e)Computer Science, Masters (F20)Other via Other on 23 Jul 2020 I23 Jul 2020
  • Hello guys! Anyone can share information about the scholarships? I have seen many posts of people waiting to get them, but has anyone actually received it? How hard is it to get?
Columbia UniversityComputer Science, Masters (F20)Rejected via E-mail on 16 Jul 2020 U19 Jul 2020
  • Don't really care... They waited me wait for so long I lost interest in them... I actually feel that they will reject you to lower the acceptance rate... Many people who deserved a seat got rejected... Don't worry guys just cuz you didn't get in doesn't mean you're not qualified... All the best to all!!! And hope that this decision doesn't depress you much!!!
University Of OttawaComputer Science, Masters (F20)Accepted via Website on 17 Jul 2020 I17 Jul 2020
  • Accepted for Winter 2021, not Fall 2020. There was no option for selecting that. Got no email notification. Checked the portal. 20k scholarships. Ain't much but I am taking this for a run considering the COVID situation and its impact for the next application cycle.
University Of Southern CaliforniaComputer Science, Masters (F20)Wait listed via E-mail on 17 Jul 2020 O17 Jul 2020
  • Anyone still waiting on a decision for MS CS?

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