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Institution Program (Season) Decision & Date St1 Date Added Notes
Columbia UniversityPolitical Science, Masters (F21)Wait listed via Website on 8 May 2021 A8 May 2021
  • NOT WAITLISED! Hello, again, fellow Columbia polisci MA applicants. This is the same person that responded on April 28th. Today is May 8th and still no response from Columbia. Holly Martis is the political science department's Graduate Program Coordinator (dropping her name here in case anyone is interested in contacting her about the application review process). I've decided I will not reach out to the political science department or the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences because we all know what they will tell us if we inquire about our applications! They will respond by stating we, the applicants, must wait until we receive an official email indicating a decision has been made on our applications because, under university/graduate school/department policy, the status of an application cannot be divulged to the applicant until they receive that official email. There really exists no point in reaching out to the graduate program coordinator, department, or the graduate school...we all just have to wait...there is nothing we can do but wait. Here is something I found on the political science department's website: "The department continues to admit students through the spring. Hence, notifications to students who are declined admission usually are not sent until the early summer. Although the department recognizes that this is less than ideal for most candidates who may be weighing other options, the department cannot respond to applicant inquiries until the admission process is complete". Whether I'm rejected or accepted, I'll be returning to Grad Cafe to inform you all. My final analysis: Columbia seriously needs to hurry up...I'm sure an admissions committee position calls for a lot of work and I'm sure it's exorbitantly difficult to decide which students will be accepted and which will not and I'm sure it's very time-consuming...but c'mon people...if you already made a decision just let us know already...Christ! Anyway...good luck to you all.
Columbia UniversityPolitical Science, Masters (F21)Wait listed via E-mail on 7 May 2021 I7 May 2021
  • Not waitlisted. Still not anyone of y'all who has heard anything? What did the coordinators/departments say when you emailed them? I've seen the added text about a bigger class but it's just curious to me that it's taking so long for them and not for anyone else?
LeidenPolitical Science, PhD (S21)Wait listed via E-mail on 4 May 2021 I5 May 2021
  • Shortlisted. Apparently, there were 200 applicants for the 2 doctoral positions and I'm unsure of how many people actually made the shortlist. I figured others would want to know as I've been stalking this page for updates the past few weeks.
University Of British ColumbiaPolitical Science, Masters (F21)Rejected via E-mail on 3 May 2021 O3 May 2021
  • I had been waitlisted previously. Just got the official rejection email.
Concordia University (Canada)Political Science, PhD (F21)Wait listed via Postal Service on 3 May 2021 I3 May 2021
  • Not waitlisted. Has anyone been admitted to this program? Please tell us if there is any news from the department. Thank you.
University Of GuelphPolitical Science, Masters (F21)Wait listed via Other on 1 May 2021 O1 May 2021
  • Ignore Waitlist: Has anyone heard back from this program at all? I've already accepted an acceptance elsewhere, but it was primarily due to the fact that Guelph has not given the results out yet. I had emailed the program head and received no email back... I understand given COVID results came out later than usual, but I did not expect to just not hear back from a University entirely.
London School Of Economics And Political Science (LSE)Political Theory, Masters (F21)Wait listed via E-mail on 30 Apr 2021 U1 May 2021
  • Ignore waitlist. // Received an email that i'm on the reserve list. This is what the LSE website said: You are on a reserve list. Your application is considered to be of a high enough standard, but no places remain on your chosen programme. If a place becomes available, you may be sent an offer later in the year. Final offers to reserve-listed applicants will be sent out by the end of August. If anyone with an offer is not going to LSE, hope your response to the offer comes sooner. It would really help those of us who are in the reserve list. :'(
University Of VirginiaPolitical Science/Politics, PhD (F21)Accepted via E-mail on 29 Apr 2021 A30 Apr 2021
  • Off the waitlist! Thrilled.
York UniversityPolitical Science, PhD (F21)Rejected via Website on 29 Apr 2021 U29 Apr 2021
  • Disgraceful and disrespectful - these are the only words I can use to describe the way the department handled the application process. I don't know what was going on behind the curtain, but please, treat us like adults and be transparent.
York UniversityPolitical Science, PhD (F21)Rejected via Website on 29 Apr 2021 I29 Apr 2021
  • MyFile status: "reviewed-unsuccesful"
Columbia UniversityPolitical Science, Masters (F21)Wait listed via Other on 29 Apr 2021 O29 Apr 2021
  • Ignore WL: TTPB - Thank you so much for your reply! I actually hadn't seen that update, so that's hugely reassuring, and nice to know they've provided an update. Good luck to you too!
London School Of Economics & Political Science (LSE)Law, PhD (F21)Rejected via Website on 29 Apr 2021 29 Apr 2021
  • Sigh... Id received: 14 Jan., rejection: 28 April, no waitlist, no reserve list, no transcript drop. Via LFY and via email a few hours afterwards. LL.M. from LSE (with Mid-Merit), 1 published article in an international journal, 2 research assistant positions, 1 offer to be a teaching assistant and a very niched PhD proposal, with 2 LSE professors nominated as supervisors (from whom I had previously received guidance re my proposal). Best of luck!
York UniversityPolitical Science, PhD (F21)Rejected via Website on 29 Apr 2021 I29 Apr 2021
  • Finally!!
Columbia UniversityPolitical Science, Masters (F21)Wait listed via Website on 28 Apr 2021 A28 Apr 2021
  • NOT WAITLISTED. Hello, fellow Columbia University applicants. It's me again; the one who commented on 04/18 and 04/24. I'm still waiting to hear back from Columbia. To answer the question that was asked by the person below me, I say to consider a "no response" from Columbia not as a rejection. The political science department updated their master's program website and stated this: "The cohort for AY21/22 will be larger than our usual MA cohort. The cohort will be around 35-40 students. This is due to the fact there will be no incoming PhD students (we paused PhD admissions for the year)". It is very possible the department is still going through thousands of applications and is taking more time than usual this academic year (because of COVID), compared to previous academic years, to figure out which applicants to admit and which to reject. It is also possible Columbia has placed those who still haven't heard back on a waitlist but never informed the students they've been placed on that waitlist. I suppose it's a matter of waiting and being patient. Again, once I hear back, I'll be posting the update here on Grade Cafe. Good luck to you all.
Columbia UniversityPolitical Science, Masters (F21)Wait listed via Other on 28 Apr 2021 O28 Apr 2021
  • Ignore WL: Anyone have any idea when we might hear? Emailed the program coordinator who just directed me back to the department website, which doesn't have many details. Should I just assume a rejection at this point?
MannheimCDSS, Political Science, PhD (F21)Wait listed via E-mail on 27 Apr 2021 I27 Apr 2021
  • [NOT WL]: I applied 86 days ago today for early decision and when I asked for clarification around the 70-day mark I received a response that roughly equated to "you'll know when we know." Helpful. I've gotten to the point where I don't know that I would even attend if I was accepted because of how completely intractable the administration seems. Really poor form, Mannheim.
University College London (UCL)Political Science, PhD (F21)Rejected via Other on 23 Apr 2021 I23 Apr 2021
  • Received an email saying the portal had been updated. I received an offer from Oxford (my first choice) so this isn't too big of a deal, even if it is somewhat of a surprise.
Carleton UniversityPolitical Science, Masters (F21)Rejected via E-mail on 23 Apr 2021 23 Apr 2021
  • Domestic student, meh GPA, strong letters of reference. Disappointed but not surprised.
MITPolitical Science, PhD (F21)Wait listed via E-mail on 22 Apr 2021 U22 Apr 2021
  • Has anyone heard from MIT about the waitlist?
University Of IllinoisPolitical Science, PhD (F21)Wait listed via Other on 22 Apr 2021 22 Apr 2021
  • Did you guys receive any notifications? It's almost May!! Spare us!
York UniversityPolitical Science, PhD (F21)Wait listed via Other on 22 Apr 2021 I22 Apr 2021
  • Ignore waitlist. Guys, please, can anyone give them a call or something? It will be May soon and we are still waiting.
York UniversityPolitical Science, PhD (F21)Wait listed via Website on 22 Apr 2021 I22 Apr 2021
  • Ignore the waitlist. Have any international applicants heard anything from the department yet?
Columbia UniversityPolitical Science, Masters (F21)Wait listed via Website on 21 Apr 2021 A21 Apr 2021
  • Hello, again. This is the person that left a comment on 4/18. Thank you to the person below me for responding. Three days have passed and I haven't heard a peep from Columbia. Once I hear back, I'll make sure to note whether I was accepted or rejected here on Grad Cafe. Good luck!
The New SchoolPolitical Science, PhD (F21)Wait listed via E-mail on 21 Apr 2021 I21 Apr 2021
  • I'm asking anyone who doesn't want their place, pls decide fast
University Of IllinoisPolitical Science, PhD (F21)Wait listed via Other on 21 Apr 2021 21 Apr 2021
  • Any news from the department? It has been one week after the April 15th deadline!

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