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Institution Program (Season) Decision & Date St1 Date Added Notes
Edward J Bloustein (Rutgers)Urban Planning, Masters (F15)Wait listed via Website on 10 Mar 2016 I10 Mar 2016
  • Checked website. No e-mail yet
George Washington University (GWU), RutgersEconomics, PhD (F19)Other via Other on 15 Apr 2019 15 Apr 2019
  • Declined these offers.
NC State University (NCSU), Rutgers, UC Santa CruzA.M Statistics, PhD (F17)Accepted via E-mail on 7 Apr 2017 U11 Apr 2017
NC State University (NCSU), Rutgers, UC Santa CruzEconomics, PhD (F16)Accepted via E-mail on 10 Apr 2016 I10 Apr 2016
  • I have just declined admissions from NCSU, Rutgers, and UCSC. Good luck to all!
NCSU, Rutgers, UCSCEconomics, PhD (F16)Accepted via E-mail on 11 Apr 2016 I11 Apr 2016
  • To the poster below: FYI, declined unfunded offer from NCSU, tuition waive offer from Rutgers, and partial TAship from UCSC.
Ohio State And RutgersEconomics, PhD (F16)Other via Other on 12 Apr 2016 A12 Apr 2016
  • Just declined. On priority waitlist at Maryland and funded at Georgetown.
Ohio State University, Rutgers University And UC-SDPhysics, PhD (F17)Rejected via E-mail on 15 Apr 2017 Undergrad GPA: n/a
GRE General (V/Q/W): 154/167/3.00
GRE Subject: 990
I15 Apr 2017
  • CMT. IIT, all rejected. This is sad. I considered these three in my reach, which was a bad assumption. Congrats to all those who got admits. For the time, maybe I am better as a Citi bank employee.
RutgersQuantitative Finance, Masters (F20)Accepted via E-mail on 13 Jan 2020 A13 Jan 2020
  • Is it a good program?
RutgersPhysics, PhD (F19)Other via Other on 20 Apr 2019 20 Apr 2019
  • Please decline if you have a better offer, Rutgers is my only shot left.
RutgersLinguistics, PhD (F19)Rejected via E-mail on 17 Apr 2019 U17 Apr 2019
RutgersComputer Science, Masters (F19)Rejected via Website on 13 Apr 2019 I13 Apr 2019
  • Gutted :'( I can't believe this.
RutgersComputer Science, Masters (F19)Other via Other on 11 Apr 2019 I11 Apr 2019
  • TTPB: Thank you for the clarification. In my anxiety, I had read your post about there not being enough admissions wrongly. My mistake. Let's wait for the results then
RutgersComputer Science, Masters (F19)Other via Other on 10 Apr 2019 I10 Apr 2019
  • TTPB: I did not see that many acceptances for Rutgers. Are you sure there are only rejects left ?
RutgersPlanning And Public Policy, PhD (F19)Accepted via E-mail on 8 Mar 2019 U10 Mar 2019
RutgersUrban And Regional Planning, Masters (F19)Accepted via E-mail on 4 Mar 2019 Undergrad GPA: 3.75
GRE General (V/Q/W): 153/159/5.00
GRE Subject: n/a
U5 Mar 2019
  • No financial aid offered
RutgersPhysics, PhD (F18)Other via E-mail on 26 Feb 2019 O26 Feb 2019
  • I think that I'm wait-listed. I really want to attend Rutgers. For accepted students, If you have received better offers, can you please decline this offer from Rutgers? Thank you
RutgersPsychology, PhD (F19)Rejected via E-mail on 21 Feb 2019 A22 Feb 2019
  • After 3 Skype interviews, and flying out for the in person, rejection email on 2/21. REALLY wish they paid for the expense of travel for the in person, I spent $700 to fly out for the weekend and got a rejection email 3 weeks later.
RutgersEconomics, PhD (F19)Accepted via E-mail on 17 Feb 2019 Undergrad GPA: 3.98
GRE General (V/Q/W): 168/159/5.00
GRE Subject: n/a
A19 Feb 2019
  • Unofficial offer, received full funding $25k, pleasantly surprised
RutgersChildhood Studies, Masters (F19)Accepted via E-mail on 10 Feb 2019 A10 Feb 2019
  • Applied to PhD, accepted to Master’s.
RutgersSpanish Literature, PhD (F19)Rejected via E-mail on 8 Feb 2019 A9 Feb 2019
RutgersPhysics, PhD (F19)Wait listed via E-mail on 8 Feb 2019 A7 Feb 2019
  • They keep a large waitlist so if your accepted but don't plan on attending please let em know. Maybe they'll get down to me.
RutgersBiostatistics, PhD (F19)Wait listed via E-mail on 31 Jan 2019 7 Feb 2019
  • To Rutgers biostatistics poster below: do you receive any funding?
RutgersGender Studies, PhD (F19)Interview via E-mail on 18 Jan 2019 U28 Jan 2019
  • Got an interview with someone in the Admissions Committee who is also a POI for me. Said that they were interviewing 20-25 people who are in the shortlist, and that admission would be offered only to those they can fund, around 5-8 people this year. We should be hearing back by mid to late February.
RutgersOrganic Chemistry, PhD (F19)Accepted via E-mail on 25 Jan 2019 Undergrad GPA: n/a
GRE General (V/Q/W): 170/155/4.00
GRE Subject: 870
I26 Jan 2019
  • 3 yrs research, 3rd author ACIE, two small pubs (2nd author) in prep. TOEFL 107 (S27). Got notification from the chair of the admission committee. 1st offer (TAT)
RutgersClinical Psychology, PhD (F19)Rejected via E-mail on 18 Jan 2019 A18 Jan 2019
  • As someone who works with the DCT/PIs: They've already sent out all their invites. Idk why misleading information is being posted, they are DONE extending invites. Stop calling the department and asking about invites, focus your energies elsewhere. Good luck to all

Status1 Key: A: American; U: International, with US degree; I: International, without US degree; O: Other; ?: Unknown.

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