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June 2023

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Added on June 09, 2023

Wait listed Fall 2023 MBA

May 2023

Political Economy, Carleton University $40k admission funding: includes RA and TAship $60k in external scholarships from various sources

Added on May 29, 2023

Accepted on 21 Feb Fall 2023 GPA 3.96 Masters
Economics, Susan Hello everyone out here!! My Fiancée Lesbian who left me is back, I want to share my testimony it's my happiness with you all in this site, last year my Lesbian Wife left me for another woman, she abandon me alone and I miss her, since everything was so hard for me because i really love her so much, i didn’t lose hope i try my best to get her back when i was searching online and read testimonies of Dr Kachi how he has been helping ladies in getting there Ex lover back, I had no option than to seek for help, i contacted Dr Kachi explain my problem to him, Dr Kachi Guarantee me not to worry that's going to help me cast a return love spell for me, that will bring my Lesbian Wife back and assure me within 2days, it was just like a magic my wife who left me surely return back, i couldn't believe when she live the other lady and she come back to me with so much love and caring will are together now, I will never forget this help that Dr Kachi did for me, a love spell that brought my wife back. If you are here and you need help to get your Ex Lesbian back do contact Dr Kachi through this email: I'm proud to be on his testimony page. His Number Text and Call +1 (209) 893-8075

Added on May 25, 2023

Accepted on 25 May Spring 2022 GRE 45 GRE V 1 GRE AW 3.00 GPA 4.00 Masters
Economics, Ruhr Graduate School Of Econ (RGSE) Dear applicants, did you receive any positive or negative result on your application to this programe so far? Let's help other waiters by sheding a light on the process.

Added on May 18, 2023

Wait listed Fall 2023 PhD
Economics, University Of Chicago Good day to all viewer online, my name is Albert Walker I am so overwhelmed sharing this great testimony on how i was checking for solution in the internet while miraculously i came across Dr Kachi who brought my ex Girlfriend back to me, This is the reason why i have taken it upon myself to thank this great spell caster called Dr Kachi, because through his help my life became more filled with love and i am happy to say that my ex Girlfriend who has been separated from me for the past 2years came back to me pleading for me to accept her back, This was a shocking to me my partner is very stable, faithful and closer to me than before, because before i contacted Dr Kachi i was the one begging my ex Girlfriend to come back to me but through the assistance of Dr Kachi, I now have my relationship restored. You can also have a better relationship only if you Contact Dr Kachi Email: You can reach him Call and Text Number:+1 (209) 893-8075

Added on May 16, 2023

Accepted on 16 May Spring 2022 GRE 2 GPA 3.00 PhD
Economic And Social History, University Of Cambridge Student from a top public university in the States. Recommendation letters from professors with backgrounds in History and Political Economy. No GRE. Submitted in late March. No interview or notification until I was noticed to be admitted. Strong extracurricular yet little research experience (if this information matters).

Added on May 11, 2023

Accepted on 9 May Fall 2023 GPA 3.90 Masters
Applied Economics, George Washington University 7+ years work experience

Added on May 06, 2023

Accepted on 5 May Fall 2023 GPA 3.07 Masters
Public Policy, London School Of Economics & Political Science (LSE) The program is International Migration and Public Policy, got an email notification on May 2nd first

Added on May 03, 2023

Accepted on 3 May Fall 2023 GPA 3.80 Masters
Economics, Houston

Added on May 01, 2023

Rejected on 1 May Fall 2023 GRE 162 GRE V 148 GRE AW 4.00 GPA 3.80 PhD
Economics, Tulane U

Added on May 01, 2023

Rejected on 28 Apr Fall 2023 GRE 162 GRE V 148 GRE AW 4.00 GPA 3.80 PhD

April 2023

Economics PhD, Howard University I went on to pursue a masters in the same field to better my grad school opportunities and I had a 3.4 at the time of admission

Added on April 30, 2023

Accepted on 9 Mar Fall 2023 GPA 2.70 PhD
Economics, Admission Season Over? So, the Fall 23 admission season has come to an end! Best wishes to those who were able to secure an offer and for those who could not, better luck next time! A few note about this season, relative to previous years, this year almost all the universities released their decisions 3/4 weeks later. This meant a higher deal of stress on the pool of applicants; so, next time, AdComs should speed up this process no matter what. When I received my first acceptance, I felt so relieved that it really felt heavenly. Each day of uncertainty takes a heavy toll on the mental health of the pool of applicants.

Added on April 30, 2023

Accepted on 30 Apr Fall 2023 PhD
Economics, Indiana University Bloomington ignore status. To the reply as below post, thanks for u info. that iub offered to at least one student but he or she turned down the offer. Yes i think iub can hardly recruit excellent phd students due to low stipend

Added on April 29, 2023

Wait listed Fall 2023 PhD
Economics, Indiana University Bloomington Ignore Status. Does IUB recruit PhD students 2023 Fall. No news from it. It is highly implicit rejection. Any insider about this program. What happened.

Added on April 29, 2023

Wait listed Fall 2023 PhD
Economics, University Of Mannheim

Added on April 27, 2023

Accepted on 27 Apr Spring 2023 GRE 169 GRE V 162 GRE AW 4.50 GPA 3.50 PhD
Economics, University Of Mannheim Ignore status, does anyone received any results after early round?

Added on April 26, 2023

Wait listed Fall 2023 PhD
Economics, BGSE - University Of Bonn Fuck. Already accepted another program and now I shall rethink my life... But, a priori, will deny it.

Added on April 25, 2023

Accepted on 25 Apr Fall 2023 GRE 165 PhD
Economics, University Of Pittsburgh

Added on April 24, 2023

Rejected on 24 Apr Fall 2023 PhD
Economics, Indiana University Bloomington, Arizona State ignore status. I do not know why so many programs have no news until now this year. Last year they will send rejection on time, this year they use implicit rejection?Any insider

Added on April 24, 2023

Wait listed Fall 2023 PhD
Economics, University Of Texas At Austin Ignore status. No update yet, is the admissions cycle over?

Added on April 22, 2023

Wait listed Fall 2023 PhD

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