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Institution Program (Season) Decision & Date St1 Date Added Notes
Northwestern UniversityInterdepartmental Neuroscience (NUIN), PhD (F19)Interview via E-mail on 15 Dec 2018 I15 Dec 2018
  • Unofficial invite from POI. Committee met yesterday - official email to follow soon.
Northwestern UniversityHistory, PhD (F19)Interview via E-mail on 7 Dec 2018 I13 Dec 2018
Northwestern UniversityPersonality, Development And Health Psychology, PhD (F19)Interview via E-mail on 13 Dec 2018 13 Dec 2018
  • Phone interview
Northwestern UniversityCounseling, Masters (S19)Accepted via Phone on 13 Dec 2018 A13 Dec 2018
  • interviewed for online program 12/8, accepted 12/13
Northwestern UniversityChemistry, PhD (F19)Accepted via E-mail on 12 Dec 2018 Undergrad GPA: n/a
GRE General (V/Q/W): 166/170/5.00
GRE Subject: 960
I12 Dec 2018
  • No publications, broad research experience (semiconductor physics, chemical biology, organic chemistry)
Northwestern UniversitySocial Psychology, PhD (F19)Interview via E-mail on 11 Dec 2018 Undergrad GPA: 3.82
GRE General (V/Q/W): 161/149/4.50
GRE Subject: n/a
A11 Dec 2018
  • Email from POI informally inviting me to interview in February.
Northwestern UniversityBiostatistics, Masters (F19)Accepted via E-mail on 6 Dec 2018 Undergrad GPA: 3.37
GRE General (V/Q/W): 155/160/4.50
GRE Subject: n/a
A6 Dec 2018
  • w/$18,000 scholarship
Northwestern UniversityBiotechnology, Masters (F19)Accepted via E-mail on 27 Nov 2018 U3 Dec 2018
McCormick Northwestern University(Civil) Geotechnical Engineeing, PhD (F18)Other via Other on 28 Nov 2018 Undergrad GPA: 3.46
GRE General (V/Q/W): 149/154/3.00
GRE Subject: n/a
U28 Nov 2018
Northwestern UniversityCounseling, MFA (S19)Accepted via Phone on 21 Nov 2018 A21 Nov 2018
Northwestern UniversityMA Clinical Psych, Masters (S19)Other via Other on 17 Nov 2018 Undergrad GPA: 3.92
GRE General (V/Q/W): 167/153/4.50
GRE Subject: n/a
A17 Nov 2018
  • I am still waiting to hear back, I applied in October and have received one phone interview and I still haven't heard back yet.
Northwestern UniversityCounseling @ Northwestern, Masters (S19)Accepted via E-mail on 17 Oct 2018 A16 Oct 2018
  • Applied 9/21 Interview- 10/6 Accepted 10/17
Northwestern UniversityHealth Communication, Masters (F18)Other via E-mail on 14 Aug 2018 A14 Aug 2018
  • has anyone heard back from the northwestern health communication program? its been almost three months since i applied
Northwestern UniversityCounseling, Masters (F18)Accepted via Phone on 29 Jun 2018 Undergrad GPA: 3.70
GRE General (V/Q/W): 158/157/5.00
GRE Subject: n/a
A29 Jun 2018
Northwestern University(Computer Science ) MS, Masters (F18)Rejected via E-mail on 1 Jun 2018 Undergrad GPA: 3.00
GRE General (V/Q/W): 155/161/3.50
GRE Subject: n/a
I1 Jun 2018
  • I have no idea what to do with my low GPA, might as well commit suicide. Worthless life.
Northwestern UniversityCounseling Psychology, Masters (F18)Other via Other on 25 May 2018 A25 May 2018
  • Hey guys, just wondering if any one on the waitlist for this program has heard anything since the email on April 19th when they said they were having delays on FA info. I’ve called the institute and emailed a few times with no response. Thanks!
Northwestern University(Computer Science ), Masters (F18)Other via Other on 15 May 2018 O15 May 2018
  • The review process for MS applicants for Fall 2018 admission is underway and may continue until the end of May. The admission committee currently has a large number of applications to review. Because of the size and diversity of the EECS department, admissions are managed by the research divisions rather than a central committee. Applicants in different areas will be hearing at different times. Unfortunately, we cannot be more specific about the decision timeline.
Northwestern UniversityComputer Science, Masters (F18)Other via Other on 14 May 2018 A14 May 2018
  • Any idea when are the MS in CS decisions are going to be released?? It has been too long!
Northwestern UniversityComputer Sicence, Masters (F18)Other via Other on 14 May 2018 A14 May 2018
  • Any idea when are the MS in CS decisions are going to be released?? It has been too long!
Northwestern University, McCormick School Of EngineeringArtificial Intelligence (MSAI), Masters (F18)Accepted via E-mail on 19 Apr 2018 I24 Apr 2018
  • Looking to connect with people going for MSAI at Northwestern.
Northwestern UniversityCCDS Speech Language Pathology, Masters (F18)Rejected via E-mail on 24 Apr 2018 A24 Apr 2018
  • Was on the wait list, sent a LOCI and just received news: "I regret to inform you that we are unable to offer you admission to the Masters of Science in Speech, Language, and Learning (MS SLL) program at Northwestern University. These decisions are never easy, particularly with a large pool of well-qualified applicants...."
Northwestern University, McCormick School Of EngineeringEngineering Design Innovation, Masters (F18)Wait listed via E-mail on 15 Mar 2018 Undergrad GPA: 2.90
GRE General (V/Q/W): 158/167/3.50
GRE Subject: n/a
I23 Apr 2018
  • My portfolio had only 1 product. Was asked if I could wait, as there is no formal W/L process. I said YES! Haven't heard back as on 23rd April
Northwestern UniversityCCDS- Speech Pathology, Masters (F18)Other via Other on 20 Apr 2018 A20 Apr 2018
  • Anyone heard about the waitlist yet?
Northwestern UniversityWriting For The Screen And Stage, MFA (F18)Other via Other on 19 Apr 2018 A19 Apr 2018
  • To the poster who got accepted into Writing for Screen and Stage at Northwestern, do you have any more info about whether you were waitlisted, how many spots are left, etc? I haven't heard a thing yet and am getting anxious. I did not get an interview offer. Thank you!
McCormick Northwestern UniversityAnalytics, Masters (F18)Accepted via E-mail on 18 Apr 2018 Undergrad GPA: 3.75
GRE General (V/Q/W): 160/170/4.50
GRE Subject: n/a
I19 Apr 2018
  • Was previously on the waitlist.

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