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Institution Program (Season) Decision & Date St1 Date Added Notes
University Of British Columbia (UBC Vancouver)(English) - Creative Writing MFA, MFA (F18)Accepted via E-mail on 1 May 2018 I2 May 2018
  • Accepted off the waitlist! 3a/3r/0p
Pratt Insitute(English) - Creative Writing (Poetry), MFA (F18)Accepted via E-mail on 1 May 2018 A1 May 2018
  • I got accepted off the waitlist! Pratt was my top choice so I’ll be contacting other programs to let someone fill my spot. 2r/2a/1p
University Of Minnesota Twin Cities(English), PhD (F18)Other via Other on 30 Apr 2018 A30 Apr 2018
  • Has anyone who is lower on the waitlist heard anything from the department. I have emailed them twice and received no response, but my status is still awaiting department decision and I have not received a rejection letter or email. Ive given up hope but thought I would check the community.
Miami University (of Ohio)(English, Masters (F18)Rejected via E-mail on 30 Apr 2018 A30 Apr 2018
  • My experience was just the same as everyone below. Three unanswered emails, one unanswered call. I was finally notified on the 20th about my rejection - very unprofessional. They do not care to let you know anything about the process.
California State University - Long Beach (CSULB)(English) - Creative Writing (Poetry), MFA (F18)Wait listed via Postal Service on 27 Apr 2018 30 Apr 2018
  • So I'm not sure if you guys are interested in CSUs, but I received a letter in the mail from CSULB. I am considered an "alternate candidate," which is basically the waitlist. I called the grad office and they gave me little hope of an acceptance. So I guess that wraps up my first season of grad school applications and the results were definitely mediocre. Moving onward now I guess?
Syracuse Univeristy (SU)(English) - Creative Writing, Masters (F18)Accepted via Phone on 5 Apr 2018 A28 Apr 2018
  • I applied to four schools--was rejected to two, waitlisted to one, and accepted to one. About a week before the April 15th deadline, I received a call from my all-time favorite writer who told me I had moved off the waitlist to my top choice. I'm still trying to process it. I am so grateful and am humbled by all the writers who applied to these programs and undoubtedly wield powerful and original voices. I wish everyone the best of luck in their literary endeavors. For those who will not be going to a program, keep your spirits high and remember that there is no *right* way to be a writer. You are all artists, and not getting into a program is not diagnostic of anything. Keep your spirits high and don't let anything or anyone deter you from your passion and purpose. Looking forward to reading your stories and truths.
The University Of Notre Dame(English) - Creative Writing MFA, MFA (F18)Rejected via E-mail on 28 Apr 2018 A28 Apr 2018
University Of Notre Dame (UND)(English) - Creative Writing (Fiction), MFA (F18)Rejected via Other on 28 Apr 2018 I28 Apr 2018
  • Finally they had the decency to send a website update email and a generic rejection. I'm so thankful for my 2 acceptances and really appreciate how prompt, kind, and respectful they have been! 2a/8r
New York University ( NYU )(English) - Creative Writing MFA, MFA (F18)Other via Other on 27 Apr 2018 Undergrad GPA: n/a
GRE General (V/Q/W): 0/0/5.50
GRE Subject: n/a
I27 Apr 2018
  • At OP "I am sorry but I respectfully disagree with all of you" 23 March - perhaps this is an inappropriate forum, but I had to endeavor to thank you somehow for eloquently saying what my heart would, heretofore, not let me accept... Appropriately, through writing. Wish you luck and happiness. You are very talented.
Other(English) - Creative Writing (Fiction), MFA (F18)Other via Other on 27 Apr 2018 27 Apr 2018
  • To the poster who was waitlisted at Syracuse and is still waiting on NYU. It's in incredible accomplishment to have been waitlisted at Syracuse. I admire the fact that you aimed high. You may well want to wait it out for another top program next year, depending on what your financial parameters are. Know several people who busted on their first round of applications and wound up getting admitted to elite programs the next year, sometimes with the same sample.
UC Davis(English, PhD (F18)Rejected via E-mail on 26 Apr 2018 A26 Apr 2018
  • Emailed to follow up on waitlist and was told incoming class was finalized and they didn't pull from the waitlist. Still don't regret turning down the other offer I had. Better to try again and hopefully get the right fit next year.
The University Of ArizonaEnglish Lit, PhD (F18)Accepted via E-mail on 23 Apr 2018 A26 Apr 2018
  • Applied to the MA in English Lit, hadn't heard anything, and then out of the blue-- an acceptance into their PhD from the DGS.
New York Univerisity(English) - Creative Writing (Poetry), MFA (F18)Wait listed via E-mail on 26 Apr 2018 26 Apr 2018
  • Anyone on the Poetry waitlist for NYU heard back yet? I feel like a sinking ship
The University Of Notre Dame(English) - Creative Writing, MFA (F18)Other via Other on 25 Apr 2018 O25 Apr 2018
  • Anyone heard back from Notre Dame? For me it still shows decision pending.
New York Univerisity(English), Masters (F18)Rejected via E-mail on 5 Mar 2018 A24 Apr 2018
Syracuse Univeristy (SU)(English) - Creative Writing (Fiction), MFA (F18)Rejected via E-mail on 23 Apr 2018 A23 Apr 2018
  • Was initially waitlisted in March and received a final rejection email this morning. Still waiting to hear back from NYU as to whether or not I'm off the waitlist. I got rejected from all the other schools I applied to (Brown, Michigan, Cornell, UCI) so if I don't get into NYU, that's it. Feeling pretty down.
Miami University (of Ohio)(English), PhD (F18)Rejected via E-mail on 19 Apr 2018 A23 Apr 2018
  • I want to chime in here to say my experience applying to Miami was similar to those of the posters below. I received no official notification from the school until the 19th, when I got a standard rejection letter. I had learned I was waitlisted there maybe a month prior, but only because I called the department to ask. Had I not done that, I would have been completely in the dark until after the national deadline had passed. It seems the department did a poor job this year of communicating with applicants to all of its programs, as other posters had similar experiences applying to the MA and MFA. Were I not fortunate enough to get into a PhD program this year and were I reapplying next year, I would not apply to Miami again.
Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)(English) - Literary And Cultural Studies, Masters (F18)Accepted via E-mail on 21 Mar 2018 A22 Apr 2018
The University Of Illinois At Chicago (UIC)(English), Masters (F18)Accepted via E-mail on 6 Apr 2018 A22 Apr 2018
Washington State UniveristyEnglish (Literature), PhD (F18)Accepted via E-mail on 21 Apr 2018 21 Apr 2018
  • Accepted off waitlist with fully funded offer. Turned down as I already accepted another offer.
Illinois At Chicago (UIC)English, PhD (F18)Rejected via Other on 21 Apr 2018 A21 Apr 2018
  • A current student in the program received an email with bios of the incoming PhD students. I found out through her (as my name wasn't in it). The department hasn't been in communication at all, even after numerous attempts. I emailed ages ago with a question about their application process; I emailed when the April 15 deadline was coming up; I emailed after the April 15 deadline if I wasn't accepted, if I could still get any kind of confirmation. This may seem a little rant-ish, but I still applied to this school for it's great professors. Clearly, there's some lack of organization and respect within the department. I want future applicants to know this institution may very well be a waste of money (70 dollars to apply!) and time. I can describe them as nothing but highly unprofessional.
Florida Stae University (FSU)English Litearture, Masters (F18)Rejected via E-mail on 21 Apr 2018 A21 Apr 2018
  • Welp. Better luck next year, I suppose.
Texas A&M University - College Station (TAMU)English, PhD (F18)Rejected via E-mail on 4 Apr 2018 I21 Apr 2018
  • Rejected after having been waitlisted
Washington University In St. Louis (WUSTL)English And Comparative Literature (Combined PhD), PhD (F18)Rejected via E-mail on 20 Apr 2018 I21 Apr 2018
  • E-mail to check the website. I was on their sort of back-up waitlist before but finally got rejected. All of my communications with them were amiable though.
Florida State University (FSU)(English) - Creative Writing (Fiction), MFA (F18)Rejected via E-mail on 19 Apr 2018 A20 Apr 2018
  • Received e-mail to check portal. Final rejection for the season. I won't be taking my one and only offer since they couldn't guarantee funding. Sailing on until next year. 1a/0w/9r/0p

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