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AllEconomics, PhD (F21)Wait listed via Other on 12 Apr 2021 12 Apr 2021
  • I already accepted an offer but today received an email that I am on a high rank on the waitlist, Never got response before!! Is it okay to renege the offer? Serious advice please
AllEconomics, PhD (F21)Wait listed via E-mail on 12 Apr 2021 12 Apr 2021
  • There is no reason or excuse to hold onto offers anymore, unless you’re waitlisted at a more dominant school. PLEASE TURN THEM DOWN
AllEconomics, PhD (F21)Wait listed via Other on 10 Apr 2021 10 Apr 2021
  • Does anyone also has bunch of schools they are still to hear from and have had no communication from them? It's getting really frustrating now
AllEconomics, PhD (F21)Wait listed via E-mail on 9 Apr 2021 9 Apr 2021
AllEconomics, PhD (F21)Wait listed via Other on 9 Apr 2021 9 Apr 2021
  • We all know this is annoying and awkward for all of us, but please be reminded that some fellow applicants don't have any offers while some of us have 5+... I already declined the ones that are strictly dominated and I'm still holding my top three, possible will decline one today. Not saying you should too, just saying if we all did this the market would move faster. For the waitlisted prospective students, hang in there.
AllEconomics, PhD (F21)Interview via Other on 8 Apr 2021 U8 Apr 2021
  • Please use Urch in the future. And it is def okay to renege if you get an offer. You are facing economists who mostly do optimizations one way or another. They will understand if you want to go to a better place... Also i think you don't even need to get a formal release from the first program anyway. There was a rule change signed by all schools in Fall 2019.
AllEconomics, PhD (F21)Wait listed via Other on 8 Apr 2021 8 Apr 2021
  • TPB: please use Urch in the future. blatant misinformation by previous poster. Of course it’s not ideal but usually departments don’t mind too much. They don’t really care if you do your PhD at there institution or somewhere else. They know it’s a much more important decision for you as an individual than for the department
AllEconomics, PhD (F21)Wait listed via Other on 8 Apr 2021 8 Apr 2021
  • it's pretty bad to renege after you've accepted, economics academia is a small circle, people will talk, so it will reflect poorly on you, also school B can find out that you've accepted an offer already, again small circle
AllEconomics, PhD (F21)Wait listed via E-mail on 8 Apr 2021 8 Apr 2021
  • TBP: You should ask this sort of question on Urch, not gradcafe. But to answer: you should accept your best offer before the deadline. If you subsequently receive a better offer, you can go to school A and ask to be released so you can accept the offer from school B. They will likely be understanding and grant it to you. I wouldn't ask for an extension or mention the possibility of a release until you actually receive an offer from school B.
AllEconomics, PhD (F21)Wait listed via Other on 8 Apr 2021 I8 Apr 2021
  • I have a general query -- I am in a situation where I have an offer from Department A, and the deadline to accept that offer is 15th April. I am also on the waitlist of Department B (which is preferred), but they are saying they will only be able to inform me post April 15. I am sure I cannot be the only one in this position, so wanted to ask what you guys are doing in such situations? Should I write to Department A asking for an extension? What if they don't grant one and I do accept, and then I get an acceptance from Department B a couple days bad is it to revoke your acceptance?
AllEconomics, PhD (F21)Wait listed via E-mail on 7 Apr 2021 7 Apr 2021
  • Really appreciating how transparent Stockholm University was about their admissions process now (even if it was a little weird). Giving us exact numbers for offers they sent out, how many accepted them etc. These US universities are killing me, I don't understand why they can't reveal where in the waitlist I am, not even an approximate. God bless the Swedes
AllEconomics, PhD (F21)Wait listed via Other on 6 Apr 2021 O6 Apr 2021
  • Can you guys please stop trolling? The admin person at Duke said no one yet received any offer from the waitlist, and NYU said the second round of offers will go out on April 10th. What do you have to gain by being like this? We are all super anxious and this is the last thing we need.
AllEconomics, PhD (F21)Wait listed via Other on 6 Apr 2021 O6 Apr 2021
  • I'm not entirely certain why we don't already do this, but it would be especially helpful for those on waitlists if the people who list the abundance of offers which they decline also listed which offer they accepted. I'm sure this is a little taboo, and people may not always know which offer they will accept upon declining others, but I'm also sure that is not always the case. Just a thought, not trying to be a jerk. :)
AllEconomics, PhD (F21)Accepted via E-mail on 1 Apr 2021 6 Apr 2021
  • Declined fully funded offers from Syracuse, University of Oklahoma, University of Alabama, University of Hawai at Manoa, West Virginia University, Northern Illinois University, Wayne State University, Washington State University, Auburn University, Drexel University, Virginia-Tech University, Emory University, Northeastern University, University of Illinois at Chicago. Good luck to those on the waiting list!
AllEconomics, PhD (F21)Wait listed via Other on 5 Apr 2021 5 Apr 2021
  • To those admitted off the waitlists: Did you make a commitment to attend before receiving an offer? Thanks!
AllEconomics, PhD (S21)Wait listed via Website on 5 Apr 2021 5 Apr 2021
  • Got accepted off the waitlist at my top choice! Seems like the wl is now moving!
AllEconomics, PhD (F21)Wait listed via E-mail on 5 Apr 2021 5 Apr 2021
  • My god some of you seem like insufferable pieces of s***. This website and of course EJMR have confirmed my priors about economists, hope not too many of you end up at the school I’m attending
AllEconomics, PhD (F21)Accepted via Other on 4 Apr 2021 O4 Apr 2021
  • Personally, I think joining a top math program is definitely great. Most graduate candidates will look for a position in the industry 5 or 6 years later. Econ students have no advantages compared to math, Stats, and CS PhDs. Only a few academic stars will join LACs with a 70k salary per year, which is hard to take care of the family well. Ph.D. students in math have much more opportunities in industry and academia. Whatever your choice is, I wish you the best in the future.
AllEconomics, PhD (F21)Accepted via E-mail on 4 Apr 2021 4 Apr 2021
  • Everyone, just lease stop. TBP: no one owes you anything in this world. I'm sorry you didn't get into a top school; I didn't either. Life goes on, please stop spamming this group, there are other places to have the conversation you want to have.
AllEconomics, PhD (F21)Accepted via E-mail on 4 Apr 2021 4 Apr 2021
  • To Persons Below: perhaps your obnoxious, entitled personalities had shown thru in your SoP or was pointed out by your letter writers, and that is why you did not get in.
ALLEconomics, PhD (F21)Accepted via E-mail on 3 Apr 2021 U3 Apr 2021
  • Yes, it is much more likels that all adcoms did not make an offer because he was too smart and they already knew he would reject or drop out of their program!
AllEconomics, PhD (F21)Wait listed via Website on 3 Apr 2021 3 Apr 2021
  • to the european PB: lol if you think that someone who got into columbia math is not "smart enough"
ALLEconomics, PhD (F21)Accepted via E-mail on 3 Apr 2021 I3 Apr 2021
  • TPB: you only showed PhD econ >>>>>> PhD math. Sorry fo the rejections though.
ALLEconomics, PhD (F21)Wait listed via Other on 2 Apr 2021 2 Apr 2021
  • Did committee members in this year got shot by a 9mm, or did they all catch COVID19? It is already April, and 8 applications are still pending. Really annoying year.
AllEconomics, PhD (F21)Wait listed via Other on 2 Apr 2021 Undergrad GPA: 3.74
GRE General (V/Q/W): 154/170/4.50
GRE Subject: n/a
A2 Apr 2021
  • To the posts that are demeaning to others about what school they hopefully get acceptance too. You are the reason I am no longer considering a Ph.D. in Economics, through my experience I found that many committee members have a horrible mechanism on selecting candidates. They use this utterly meaningless measure (General GRE) to determine if you are fit. I got accepted into Columbia's Math program, yet I was denied from practically every Econ program because my letters were "...only good, not great" or my undergrad institution was not a top tier one lol what does that even mean. Is there a hidden version of Rudin that I do not know about at Princeton then at WashU? This is the issue with economics. The committee member who said this to me is from UChicago. It is disgusting and a shame that the process for deciding who is fit for a "top program" is so arbitrary and based on a meaningless measure. Anyone can get perfect on the quant section of GRE, it is a complete joke. They should decide mainly on student's research interests and whether they've taken some legitimate math courses like analysis or topology (differential, algebraic, point set) and have research interests similar to faculty members at that institution. However, that is probably asking to much of the committee members to actually read through applications because they just discovered R - squared and they cannot make reviewing applications a function of their time/pay. To me, it seems most of these committee members don't even know what a clopen is or let alone how to differentiate in R^n. It is sad to see the path economics takes, I wish I did not triple major in Math, Econ, and CS, rather I should've majored in Math, Physics, and CS. Good luck to all you on the waitlist. I hope when you decide who gets accepted into the Ph.D. program at your institution, you will read through the applications sent to you.

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